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INDUSTRIAL Stationary Batteries

These are industrial accumulators designed as lead-acid with infrequent service, to be used for applications where power is necessary only on a stand-by facility. They can be mounted as OpzS, or Full-Energy with cells up to 2volt varying between 25Ah- 5000Ah. Up to 300Ah can be produced in 12volt and 6 volt block cases.

Communication, intercommunication, hospitals, power stations, control systems, irrigation systems, pumping stations, safety lighting systems, solar batteries are the main areas that stationary batteries are used. Almost all of types of this range need service in the least level. Block types are made of plastic cases and others are transparent cases.

Stationary product group also holds a type of stand-by facility battery which is produced with fully closed imbued separators and valve regulated, infrequently service need. These products are designed to be used in close circuit plants which doesn’t require air ventilation, Ups, control rooms, power stations.

Mutlu also holds VRLA type in its range of products which a true dry charge type maintenance free batteries as a continuously floating power supply. As being the first VRLA product in Turkey they are used in telecommunication, electricity and telephony control systems, electric supply facilities, emergency lightening, fire and alarm systems.


Opzs Batteries VRLA Batteries


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