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Starter Serisi 
Starter Series Batteries are designed and developed for automotives and light commercial vehicles (LCV). These batteries implement the start up movement of the engine and provide power to all electric devices within the vehicle. They supply a high current power within a short time frame.
Mutlu's Auto Batteries are manufactured using the Silver – Calcium Alloy Technology. With over a 100 models of various ampere levels, our batteries are maintenance free, employ a high powered march starter, recharge easily in the event of self-discharge and keep water loss to a minimum level. Majority of our product range comply with the European Standards and are developed using Expanded Metal Technology, in addition to the Silver – Calcium Alloy Technology. All the batteries are equipped with central or special gas release systems. The filters are designed to block external flames and securely trap acid particles, which may harm the environment.  
10 products within this range are specially designed and developed for vehicles with Far East specifications.

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